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Джек Хольцман, основатель и президент компании «Elektra Records», сказал однажды в небольшом тексте...

Tightrope Ride

You're on a tightrope ride, nobody by your side

Well, you're all alone, gotta find a new home

Don't go over the line. You better keep on time

or you'll lose your mind on your tightrope ride

Watch out, don't fall! Careful, don't slip!

You better get your balance, you have to feel the way

There are no more questions, no answers today

There are no reasons, there are no more rhymes

but if you feel it, you can fly next time

you can fly net time, or maybe this time

Did you think we were all together?

Did you think we were all the same?

Did you think maybe I could help you

remember your name, remember the game

what's the name of the game

It's a very good game, never stays the same

It's the number one from mud to sun

You're on a tightrope ride, we're all by your side

but you're all alone, and we're going home

and we're by your side, but you're all alone

like a Rolling Stone, like Brian Jones

on a tightrope ride

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