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А ведь The Doors уже официально сороковник! Будучи классикой шестидесятых, эта группа, для которой...

In The Eye Of The Sun

In the eye of the sun,

before the world had begun

Taking it easy,

I was having some funLoafin' and a jokin',

it was all energy

No such thing as you and or meNo time,

pure mind

In the eye of the sun,

before the world had begun

It had been a lot of work the last time around

I needed a rest,

a chance to just lie downAlways on the go,

no time to kill

a lot of runnin' to and fro,

hard workin' at the mill

So it blew up,

and I flew upinto the eye of the sun

before the world had begun

Well I hung around,

I don't know how many yearsNo more troubles,

no more fears

Had a lot of rest with-a nothing to do

I wanted flesh and blood and skin and bonesa

multi-dimensional universal home

I wanted space and time,

up and downlife and death,

and love all around

I knew there'd be trouble,

but I could pull through


I thought up the world and you did too


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