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Вторая часть интервью Лиззи Джеймс с Джимом Моррисоном. В этой части интервью Лиззи задает Джиму...

In The Eye Of The Sun

In the eye of the sun,

before the world had begun

Taking it easy,

I was having some funLoafin' and a jokin',

it was all energy

No such thing as you and or meNo time,

pure mind

In the eye of the sun,

before the world had begun

It had been a lot of work the last time around

I needed a rest,

a chance to just lie downAlways on the go,

no time to kill

a lot of runnin' to and fro,

hard workin' at the mill

So it blew up,

and I flew upinto the eye of the sun

before the world had begun

Well I hung around,

I don't know how many yearsNo more troubles,

no more fears

Had a lot of rest with-a nothing to do

I wanted flesh and blood and skin and bonesa

multi-dimensional universal home

I wanted space and time,

up and downlife and death,

and love all around

I knew there'd be trouble,

but I could pull through


I thought up the world and you did too


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